Re: Definitly not a patent breaking spring loaded folders patch

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 19:00, iain wrote:
> Decided that, seeing as I live in a country that doesn't have dumb
> software patents (hey, at least we have a few things going for us), I
> didn't see why I shouldn't be able to have spring loaded folders, cos
> they're really useful for moving things around.
> So, hacked it up.
> There's things mentioned in the Apple patent that this patch doesn't do
> and therefore I don't think it violates the patent...all IP
> bloodsuck^wlawyers feel free to correct me.
> a) Apple says that windows close when the mouse pointer leaves them

Yeah, but unfortunately without something like this, spring-load is not
so useful  :-(

I try to use nautilus with this patch: I'm not sure is the best way to
implement this feature. Yeah, it's cool and useful, but don't
_absolutely_ cool and useful.  I don't know exactly the Apple patent,
        * there should be a "Back" feature: when I spring-open a folder
          and I see it's not the right one, I have to cancel and restart
          entire operation. It isn't an absolute trouble, but sometimes
          I spring-open a wrong folder just 'cause I'm moving mouse not
          so quickly.
        * there are some troubles with desktop files: dragging on
          "user's Home" or "Trash" appear a "Nautilus has no installed
          viewer capable of displaying
          "/home/prova/.gnome-desktop/Trash"." message.
        * at the end of spring-copy, the first spring-opened folder keep
          the directory-accept icon. You need to refresh.

Plus, to make a perfect one (;-)) implementation:
        * nautilus should spring-open folders near the cursor and using
          a related to content size.
        * the same "opening box" animation as well as in panel

> Basically, the patch is, drag an icon over a folder icon, wait
> 750milliseconds and it will open in a new window, repeat ad infinitum.

I think it's too short. Something like 2 seconds could be better. (see

> Dropping the file closes all windows that were "sprung" as does
> cancelling the drag with ESC.
> The only thing might be to keep the last window open after the drop,
> which is what the Apple patent says happens, but I dunno if
> 1) it would be better
> 2) I could be arsed doing it.

I too

> Anyway, enjoy patch

Anyway, cooooooool

Think bigger

			My uncle

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