Re: An object Oriented File Manager Design

Two words: Rox Filer.

-- dobey

On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 16:20, MArk Finlay wrote:
> I've been trying to work out in my head how to make a truly simple
> object oriented file manager for a while now. And while I am most likely
> totally wrong this is what I have come up with:
> Thought some people on desktop-devel and nautilus-list might be
> interested. If this design is good for nothing else, it might inspire
> some intesting discussion.

"So I gave up on that, and tried to install gstreamer. Get this. Their
 propose ``solution'' for distributing binaries on Red Hat systems? They
 point you at an RPM that installs apt, the Debian package system! Yeah,
 that's a good idea, I want to struggle with two competing packaging
 systems on my machine just to install a single app." -- jwz

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