splash screen and session and theme


times ago, I've tried a hack to make splash screen image configurable at bug 80457
and ignored. I've been frustrated in fact. :(

now gconf key for splash implemented as I did.
so it's time to firestart again. :)

markmc and I discussed a bit. and made a bit of say;
I suggested to make a file entry to allow user to choose a file with filesel.
and markmc tell me theme-properties' style is better.
I agree.

but to make a new tab on theme-prop window,
we (all the gnome folks) have to agree with it
and make a new spec for gnome (meta)theme to include splash screen
as well as gtk one, nautilus one and icons.

furthurmore, gnome-session-properties have to extract some of elements;
there's a checkbox to turn on the splash screen or not.
this must be a part of gnome-theme-properties' splash tab, if implemented.
and other things if necessary have to exported to theme-properties.

well, what do you have in mind for this issue?
I want to listen to you.


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