Re: gnome_url_show proposal

Hi again,

so after looking through the GnomeVFS api some more, here are more
concrete ideas for functions that could be implemented:

gnome_vfs_mime_action_launch (GnomeVFSMimeAction *action, GList *uris,
GError **error)

If it's an app that supports multiple URIs launch it with all uris, if
it only supports one URI at a time then launch multiple instances. If
it's a component then launch the component (which I don't know how to do
but I assume there is a way) For uris here I mean char*'s not
GnomeVFSURI*'s. This function would handle the parameter expansion for
the default app by itself.

gnome_vfs_mime_action_launch_with_env (..., char **envp, GError **error)

As above with environment.

gnome_vfs_url_show (char *url, GError **error)
gnome_vfs_url_show_with_env  (..., char **envp, ...)

Convenience function to show a url with its default action. url can be a
full URI, or a path that is absolute or relative to the current dir or
the user's home dir (the last part is useful for the run dialog)

gnome_url_show (char *url, GError **error)
gnome_url_show_with_env (..., char **envp, ...)

Like gnome_vfs_url_show except that it supports the URL handlers that
can be defined in gconf as explained in bug 89742. If no handler is
defined it just calls gnome_vfs_url_show().

What do people think about that? These ideas are somewhat more concrete.
No guarantees on my part that I will actually have time for this, but I
would like to do it if I can.

- Frank

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