Re: gnome_url_show proposal

I am not happy with it. Though, I'm not happy with where a lot of the
API in the gnome libraries exists. If gnome-desktop-item is going to
be merged back into libgnome, then we should merge the gnomeui stuff
back in to libgnomeui and just dissolve gnome-desktop (again). It seems
rather pointless to keep only part of it's API separate from the rest
of gnome. Ideally, GnomeDesktopItem would be below gnome-vfs, but I'm
not sure that is going to happen.

-- dobey

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 02:40, Frank Worsley wrote:
> > Maybe splitting that part of GnomeDesktopItem out on its own might be
> > sensible ...
> So since nobody has said anything else about this I assume everyone is happy
> with moving GnomeDesktopItem into libgnome. Am I correct? Could somebody
> please help me do that so I can continue working on this?
> Thanks,
> - Frank

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