Re: Toolbar keyboard navigation

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> writes:

> You forgot one:
> 	  d) The toolbar itself is part of the regular TAB sequence, 
> 	     but navigation from item-to-item within the toolbar       
>              uses the arrow keys.
> This is the model that Java uses, and I think it combines the advantages
> of the other methods without cluttering the focus chain with a zillion
> new items.
> Note that (a) is similar in that a child (presumably the first sensitive
> one) of the toolbar received focus when the toolbar is posted.  My
> proposal would be that the state which results from the nth 'F10' press
> in Soeren's prosal would be the state resulting from reaching the
> "toolbar" item in the focus chain.

You mean: The first item of each toolbar is in the regular tab
sequence. When that item has focus, use the arrow keys to move from
item to item?

That sounds like a really good idea to me. Especially because the
implementation would be much, much simpler, require no new API and not
require spending one of the virtual pointers of GtkWidget.

It would be possible for toolbars to remember the last item that had
focus, so that if you give focus to a toolbar item, move a few items
to the right and then press TAB repeatedly, you would eventually
return to the tool item you just left (as opposed to the first item on
that toolbar).


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