Re: Toolbar keyboard navigation

> What to do
> ----------
> There are three different suggestions for toolbar keyboard navigation:
> 	a) Toolbar items are not part of the regular tab sequence. You
> 	   press F10 to cycle between menubars, toolbars and the "no
> 	   menu/tool bar" state.
> 	b) Toolbar items are part of the regular TAB sequence
> 	c) As a), but some tool-items such as location entries can be
> 	   part of the tab sequence.

You forgot one:

	  d) The toolbar itself is part of the regular TAB sequence, 
	     but navigation from item-to-item within the toolbar       
             uses the arrow keys.

This is the model that Java uses, and I think it combines the advantages
of the other methods without cluttering the focus chain with a zillion
new items.

Note that (a) is similar in that a child (presumably the first sensitive
one) of the toolbar received focus when the toolbar is posted.  My
proposal would be that the state which results from the nth 'F10' press
in Soeren's prosal would be the state resulting from reaching the
"toolbar" item in the focus chain.

I think this would be more intuitive than cycling through menus, and the
intra-toolbar navigation semantics would be the same as the F10 proposal
once the toolbar gets focus.



Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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