Re: gnome-media string freeze breakage

mån 2003-02-24 klockan 00.10 skrev R.I.P. Deaddog:
> > This seems to be the commit in cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c that
> > caused the unannounced string change:
> > ----------------------------
> > 2003-02-22  Abel Cheung  <maddog linux org hk>
> >         * cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c: Fix tyop in genres name.
> > ----------------------------
> Yup that was me. Currently, there's no gnome-2-2 branch for gnome-media,
> since Iain thinks it's not necessary. However, this can be bad for
> translators as they need to deal with a moving target.

Nah, string freeze is exactly created for that purpose; so that we don't
have to deal with a moving target. Whether the branch intended for GNOME
2.2 development for a 2.2 core module is currently "HEAD" or "gnome-2-2"
or "whatever-branch-name" doesn't have much to do with it. If it's the
GNOME 2.2 development branch of a GNOME 2.2 core module it's supposed to
be string frozen. Even if that branch is HEAD at the moment since the
module doesn't have a "gnome-2-2" branch yet.

> Is it a good idea
> to branch it so that translators don't need to be upset with varying
> messages,

Again, there shouldn't be any unannounced changed messages in the GNOME
2.2 development branch for a core GNOME 2.2 module.

> and development can continue on HEAD?
> Such problem may exist on a few other modules too.

yeah, that's why it's useful with "gnome-2-2" branches, so that people
can start changing messages as they see fit (with maintainer's approval
of course) on HEAD again. But AFAIK we don't require anyone to branch.
In that case, the string freeze still applies to HEAD.


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