Re: gnome-media string freeze breakage

On 2003-02-23(Sun) 22:01:57 +0100, Christian Rose wrote:
> This seems to be the commit in cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c that
> caused the unannounced string change:
> ----------------------------
> 2003-02-22  Abel Cheung  <maddog linux org hk>
>         * cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c: Fix tyop in genres name.
> ----------------------------

Yup that was me. Currently, there's no gnome-2-2 branch for gnome-media,
since Iain thinks it's not necessary. However, this can be bad for
translators as they need to deal with a moving target. Is it a good idea
to branch it so that translators don't need to be upset with varying
messages, and development can continue on HEAD?

Such problem may exist on a few other modules too.


Abel Cheung
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