Re: gnome-media string freeze breakage

søn, 2003-02-23 kl. 21:01 skrev Christian Rose:
> There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in
> gnome-media HEAD branch:
> This seems to be the commit in cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c that
> caused the unannounced string change:
> ----------------------------
> 2003-02-22  Abel Cheung  <maddog linux org hk>
>         * cddb-slave2/cddb-track-editor.c: Fix tyop in genres name.
> ----------------------------
> Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
> stable times is very important. We're way past doing any unannounced
> changes to messages in 2.2 code, even if it should be about bugfixes and
> simple typo fixes. 

And it would be nice if you asked the maintainer (me)
before you make commits, even for such a small change.


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