Re: Plurals and ngettext

mån 2003-02-24 klockan 00.30 skrev Mark McLoughlin:
> > > > Actually, yes, it was. You just aren't subscribed to the i18n list where 
> > > > this happened.
> > > 
> > > Why are we deciding a code issue purely on the translators' list,
> > > especially when start of thread was crossposted to this list?
> > 
> > Nothing was "decided" on the gnome-i18n list.
> 	Bugs shouldn't be logged about this until something has been "decided"
> ... the last think we want is everyone to go off and make the change and
> the have to go back later and revert.

My apologies. I assumed maintainers (at least for core GNOME software
and libraries) would follow the discussions on desktop-devel and await
some official blessing.


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