Re: Plurals and ngettext

lör 2003-02-22 klockan 23.17 skrev Andrew Sobala:
> > > Whoa, lots of bugs filed and people are making ngettext() changes, yet
> > > as far as I see the portability problem has not been addressed at all.
> > > We need a plan there before people start adding ngettext() calls. 
> > 
> > Actually, yes, it was. You just aren't subscribed to the i18n list where 
> > this happened.
> Um... shouldn't a portability question be addressed on desktop-devel, a
> hacking list _with hackers subscribed to it_, rather than a translation
> list?

Dude, this was crossposted on gnome-i18n@ and desktop-devel@ right from
the beginning¹.



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