Re: Plurals and ngettext

lör 2003-02-22 klockan 23.00 skrev Havoc Pennington:
> > I just wrote a short piece of text on the problems of plurals:
> >
> > As mentioned there, GNU gettext since version 0.10.38 includes a
> > function called ngettext for solving these problems with plurals. It
> > would be nice to be able to use that in future versions of GNOME, so
> > that we can get plurals right.
> > 
> > However, as this is a GNU extension, I'm unsure what the level of
> > support there is in other gettext implementations, so it looks like a
> > portability problem. Opinions?
> Whoa, lots of bugs filed and people are making ngettext() changes, yet
> as far as I see the portability problem has not been addressed at all.
> We need a plan there before people start adding ngettext() calls. 

Noone has given any objections yet -- rather the opposite, as people
have confirmed that this is supported by the OpenI18N standard and
compliant platforms. That still leaves the issue of older systems, but
then people that are worried about portability problems should come
forward. That's basically the reason I asked this on desktop-devel to
begin with, to get possible objections on the portability issue. So far
there has been none.


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