Re: A Brief Comparrison of Gnome 2.2 & KDE 3.1

> > Also a "Control Center" launcher linking to 'gnome-control-center
> > --use-shell' would be useful for people who are used to kcontrol and
> > windows control center. The menus are good for those of us who already
> > know the control center, but for someone browsing for an option the
> > shell is easier to use.
> Is the shell particularily better usability as opposed to the Nautilus
> interface?

I find that new users find the shell easier to "get to grips with"
because it sepporates catagories(on the left) from applets(on the

In Nautilus these are all thrown in together, and it is not immediately
obvious which items are catagories and which are applets. Also you
cannot jump from catagory to catagory.

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