A Brief Comparrison of Gnome 2.2 & KDE 3.1


Just came accross this article. The writer very obviously
prefers KDE and spends too much time talking about his install
woes with Gnome, but there are some useful critizisms of Gnome
that we should take a look at.

He critizises the lack of consistency in the UI. Toolbars in particular.
I know that this is going to be fixed by the code in Egg. But does
that code include a standard way to editing toolbars? If it doesn't
then it probably should.

Also, will the new code pick up the gnome gconf keys for the toolbar
style and detachability? The current code doesn't and this can lead to
a lot of inconsistency, especially if you choose, for example, to
only show icons, some apps will still show text.


The other obvious consistency issue is the application of the HIG.
There seem to be a few people working very well on this. Would
it be useful to set up a HIGification project/list?

Another thing that would be useful would be to have glade create
ui that conforms to the HIG by default. Or to have a HIG mode.


Another thing he mentions is not being able to find the control center.
I couldn't agree with him more. We need to move Desktop Preferences,
System Settings and Server Settings out of the Applicaions menu and into
their own top level menu.

Also a "Control Center" launcher linking to 'gnome-control-center
--use-shell' would be useful for people who are used to kcontrol and
windows control center. The menus are good for those of us who already
know the control center, but for someone browsing for an option the
shell is easier to use.

He also mentions duplicate menu entries after he installs his debs. This
can also be seen with GARNOME on redhat8. A small issue that can be
fixed by tweaking the vfolders, but would be nice to protect against it


He also mentions that his start-here icon was missing from the desktop.
And because of this he re-installed Gnome 2 or 3 times. If the icon is
ment to be there then maybe nautilus should recreate it if it gets
removed. Not that this will be an issue when we remove start-here: all
together in 2.3 :)


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