Re: A Brief Comparrison of Gnome 2.2 & KDE 3.1

Another article from Petrolley ;)

Anyway I think UI consistency have to low priority in GNOME. I mean when
Owen thinks merging a 2 line patch is a waste of time. A patch that a
developer have made and submitted in order to fix a toolbar consistency
issue.  Then it do say a lot of how important we consider GUI
consistency to be in GNOME2.

For info about patch see:

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 15:15, MArk Finlay wrote:
> Just came accross this article. The writer very obviously
> prefers KDE and spends too much time talking about his install
> woes with Gnome, but there are some useful critizisms of Gnome
> that we should take a look at.
> He critizises the lack of consistency in the UI. Toolbars in particular.
> I know that this is going to be fixed by the code in Egg. But does
> that code include a standard way to editing toolbars? If it doesn't
> then it probably should.
> Also, will the new code pick up the gnome gconf keys for the toolbar
> style and detachability? The current code doesn't and this can lead to
> a lot of inconsistency, especially if you choose, for example, to
> only show icons, some apps will still show text.
> ---
> The other obvious consistency issue is the application of the HIG.
> There seem to be a few people working very well on this. Would
> it be useful to set up a HIGification project/list?
> Another thing that would be useful would be to have glade create
> ui that conforms to the HIG by default. Or to have a HIG mode.
> ---
> Another thing he mentions is not being able to find the control center.
> I couldn't agree with him more. We need to move Desktop Preferences,
> System Settings and Server Settings out of the Applicaions menu and into
> their own top level menu.
> Also a "Control Center" launcher linking to 'gnome-control-center
> --use-shell' would be useful for people who are used to kcontrol and
> windows control center. The menus are good for those of us who already
> know the control center, but for someone browsing for an option the
> shell is easier to use.
> He also mentions duplicate menu entries after he installs his debs. This
> can also be seen with GARNOME on redhat8. A small issue that can be
> fixed by tweaking the vfolders, but would be nice to protect against it
> automagically.
> ----
> He also mentions that his start-here icon was missing from the desktop.
> And because of this he re-installed Gnome 2 or 3 times. If the icon is
> ment to be there then maybe nautilus should recreate it if it gets
> removed. Not that this will be an issue when we remove start-here: all
> together in 2.3 :)
> Later
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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