Re: Plurals and ngettext

Christian Rose wrote:
tor 2003-02-20 klockan 09.47 skrev Hideki Hiura:

I should have said that I already took care of making this feature as
a part of de jure standard, instead of being an implementation variant,
and also took care of its originator(Sun) already to adopt this
feature on their recent product lines, so theoretically nothing will
prevent us from moving to using this feature in upcoming GNOME releases.

I would say go for it!

Ok. I've now tried to log bug reports for every module with plural
messages that's possibly affected, basically by searching for messages
using %d and %ld and then do further manual filtering from there.
However, as I'm not experienced in thinking in a different plural scheme
and how messages might be affected by that, there might of course be
modules and messages that I missed. And vice versa. Any help here in
finding further messages with plural problems is very welcome.

Just an idea - maybe we should make sure the commits get done with a special string in the message 'plurals fixup' or similar so cross-branch merging and backporting (if desired) would be easier ? Or really for that matter making sure you definately did pull a version of source that does have the plurals fixed?


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