Re: Plurals and ngettext

ons 2003-02-19 klockan 23.58 skrev Hideki Hiura:
> > > However, as this is a GNU extension, I'm unsure what the level of
> > > support there is in other gettext implementations, so it looks like a
> > > portability problem. Opinions?
> > 
> > I'm all for this.
> > 
> > We could use some input from sun people, as afaik, Solaris has its own
> > gettext.
> Solaris has been carrying (original) gettext for around 13 or 14 years, 
> but after the OpenI18N 1.2 (was called LI18NUX2000) standard 
> ( specifies this extention
> as mandatory to be compliant with the standard, the gettext on
> Solaris(which is original) was enhanced to meet with the 
> requirement of this specification. 
> So it should be OK as far as latest Solaris's concern, but older
> Solaris would have a problem unless it gets backported.
> In addition to that, since Solaris does not use the GNU implementation
> but implemented from the scratch as OpenI18N 1.2 spec. specifies, if
> any divergence introduced since gettext spec was standardized, and if
> we plan to use such divergence if any, it would be problematic.
> As far as we stay with the features specified in OpenI18N1.2, 
> I think this would be a necessary step in the right direction.

What does "older Solaris" mean? Does it include Solaris 8? Would it be
ok to assume that using this feature in upcoming GNOME releases is a
safe go anyway?


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