gnome-mag - more than a toy ;-) [was: gank-- a toy xmag replacement]


Does nobody every look in the CVS modules list anymore ? ;-)

511 billh      1.642
512                  # magnification service API and sample implementation for GNOME
513                  gnome-mag    gnome-mag

gnome-mag includes a binary, "magnifier", which does what xmag and gmag
do and a lot more.  So it's a bit heavier-weight than gmag but it's not
too bad.

By default it does not display a window border/decoration, but it would
be very easy to add a command-line option to make magnifier use a
'normal' resizeable window.

The gnome-mag "magnifier", among other things, supports optional mouse
tracking, multiple mag/zoom factors (including separate x and y scale
factors if you like that sort of thing), choice of interpolation
algorithms, and magnification of remote X displays.

Also, it's a service package, so if you want a small 'purpose-built'
xmag replacement, the ideal way to do it is to write a new main.c that
calls the gnome-mag APIs.

gnome-mag is something we hope to promote to the desktop library set.



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