Re: desktop interface preference: tabbed_mdi_edge_position

Rodney Dawes said:
> I use tabs on the bottom in Xchat, because I typically have windows
> covering the rest of the window, so the notification in the tabs is good
> to be able to see. I would never use anything but POS_TOP anywhere else
> though. I also don't think Xchat is a likely candidate for this, though,
> that would be too integrated. :)

Tabs on the bottom in X-Chat also make sense because you have the text
entry widget and most recent channel activity at the bottom of the window.
 Since you're generally looking there, it's easier to notice the channel
activity highlights on the tab labels, and quicker to switch between them.
 Some may prefer tabs on the bottom in terminals for similar reasons,
although this seems less likely.  In any case, I don't think it would be
wise to enforce a single tab position across applications.

Nate Case <nd kracked com>

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