desktop interface preference: tabbed_mdi_edge_position


Would it be wise and timely to include this (or some other variation of
the name) in desktop_gnome_interface.schemas from libgnome?

	<locale name="C">
	<short>The edge position for the tabs in tabbed MDI applications</short>
	<long>Sets the edge at which the tabs for switching pages in the
		notebook of a tabbed MDI application are drawn.</long>

To name a few possible "customers": galeon, epiphany, gedit, xchat.
The proposal carefully avoids the question of UI for tweaking this.


p.s. In the interest of not creating another crossposted monstrosity I
am expecting that all the interested parties are monitoring this list.
If you know of someone who could be interested but probably is not
reading this please spread the word. Thanks.

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