Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

> Short question (i don't want to make this thread much longer):
> Bill, if Havoc had send an eMail with "Maintainer decision: switch zvt->vte" as
> subject to the d-d-l, would have been enought for you?
> In this way we all would see a non buried mail that just states the decision.
> This could be something very good. But only if people respect such a
> decision ;-) We can't expect the maintainers to repeat themselves over and over
> again. 

Ack, too much paperwork.  The proper way is to create a bug in bugzilla
that says "fix vte accessability" and put that as a showstopper or 
something.  Lets not create more paperwork than we have to.  We have a way
to track things and we should use that.


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