Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

> In fact, your consistant demands that we ship broken software for a 
> very large fraction of our userbase seems to indicate that your 
> priorities are a bit off. 

I do not believe that I or anyone in the accessibilty group is making
such demands.

> Yes, accessibility is important, but no, its not 
> more important than having software that works for the majority of our 
> users.

The needs of all users should be taken into account IMO.  If it comes to
a binary 'completely broken/not-broken' decision between a11y and i18n,
then, yes, I think i18n carries more clout.  But to take the other
extreme, if it's a matter of degree, it's not right to regress horribly
for the few in exchange for modest improvement for the many.

By definition if the software doesn't work for some of our users, they
probably won't be our users for long.

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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