Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

On 13 Feb 2003, Bill Haneman wrote:

> Jeff: in that case we should abandon mention of a11y as a feature.  From
> an a11y perspective a fully-working accessible terminal is a
> cornerstone, it would be like shipping gnome-2.2 without
> internationalization support on the basis that an english-only component
> had fewer bugs and was better maintained.

You say this, but then you argue that we should, in fact *have* to ship a 
totally broken i18n terminal. I would argue that its obvious that having 
an i18nized terminal (userbase counted in millions) is much more important 
than an accessible terminal (userbase counted in thousands?). 

In fact, your consistant demands that we ship broken software for a 
very large fraction of our userbase seems to indicate that your 
priorities are a bit off. Yes, accessibility is important, but no, its not 
more important than having software that works for the majority of our 

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