Re: Panel configuration

> Wait, wouldn't this introduce a dependency on gnome-panel into Nautilus?

mmm, See comments on the bug. I think it should be possible to have a
New - > Panel item without having a dep on the panel. Even if it does

Wait now, I have a solution. thinking as i type here; proposes a templates://
IIRC that would be used to generate a "Create -> " context menu item in
nautilus similar to the one seen in konqueror. Proprams would install
their templates into templates:// to have their their template show up
in the context sub-menu.

So the obvious solution is for gnome-panel to install a "New Panel" item
for inclusion in the "Create" menu. That would mean that nautilus does
not have to rely on the panel. I'm not sure if this is possible without
messy hacking however as the purpose of "Create ->" is to create a file
based on the selected template at the current location, as upposed to
creating a panel.

Whether on not to remove the New Panel item from the panel menu and make
the panel depend on nautilus is another issue. That would need some

I personally think that we should not sacrafice creating a usable
desktop because some people don't want to use nautilus and the panel
together. In the future we are going to see the panels and desktop
working closer together i hope.

At the same time, we like to give users flexibility, so I agree that we
should minmise the cross dependencies.

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