Re: Panel configuration

This thread is not about having nautilus *or* gnome-panel depend on the
other, it is about having a "New Panel" menu item in the desktop menu
(where it belongs).  FYI, there has been a "New Terminal" menu item in
the desktop menu for ages and yet, somehow, gnome-terminal doesn't
depend on Nautilus and nautilus doesn't depend on gnome-terminal.  Sure,
if you don't have gnome-panel installed the "New Panel" option shouldn't
be there and if you don't have Nautilus installed, well, you'd better
hope you've got some panels set-up or you'll be hosed (which would be no
worse that the present situation of not having the option to add new
panels anywhere except on the panel).  Adding the menu item has no
effect on the dependencies! 
Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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