Re: New toplevel behaviour

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
	1) Autohiding hides into the corner of the screen. This change
	   was recommended by the usability team based on the fact the
	   unhiding the panel isn't any harder - you just throw the
	   mouse into the corner of the screen - but it makes
	   operations near the edge of the screen a lot less error
	   prone - previously you had to be careful not to go near the
	   hidden panel.

I don't think this would be good. It's actually pretty hard to reach the corner of most desktops. You have to move the mouse too far.

The theory goes that all users have a steep exponential mouse acceleration curve, and are used to flinging our mice around in different directions to hit the corners of the screen. I don't think that either of these assumptions are true. X11 has an awful two-gear acceleration scheme which makes a trip to the corner a chore, and I don't think that the average user moves his/her mouse above a certain threshold speed anyway. Not all users are quick-draw quake-trained speed freak greeks -- think arthritis, slow-refresh LCD screens, touch-pads, and people afraid of breaking their computer equipment.

Anyway, my point is that an interface shouldn't *require* frequent long-distance mouse movement to accomplish basic tasks. Fitts law can help in some situations -- but you can't *rely* on it if you're aiming for any sort of universal design.


What side of the desktop will the panel hide in? Say I want to reach a tasklist on the right side of my panel, and the panel hides on the left. Do I have to move my mouse to the bottom-left corner of the desktop, wait for the panel to expand, and then move my mouse all the way across the screen to the right corner of the desktop to hit the tasklist? What happens if I move the mouse a little too high above the panel on its trip from the left to the right, and the panel goes into hiding on the left again before I reach the tasklist?


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