Re: Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> schrieb am 05.02.03 01:01:22:
> > Sorry for replying to you in private since I'm not subscribed to the ML
> > anymore.
> Well, you've managed to post to the mailing list anyway.

It wasn't my intention to sent it there cut&paste borked. I beg pardon for this situation but the mail did not contain any negative writings which couldn't even be sent there at all.

> > There are hundrets of GNOME applications being written these
> > days which all of them inherit different code (even broken ones).
> Anders has done the work to make sure EggMenu/EggToolbar has an API/ABI
> compatible wrapper. Our only issues remain with libbonoboui, but that's
> mostly because no one's really looked into it -> no one has worked out if it
> will be a pain to wrap the new API, etc.

Sorry, this is something that I did not know. How should I without docs, without informations, without anything. If this is the case then I'm looking forward to it but on the otherhand I was also beliving the reply from Havoc Pennington who wrote in an earlier Thread 'quote':

"To correct one point, the purpose of the libegg toolbar is to replace the others, by becoming the official GTK toolbar. That's the only solution to toolbar problem. The GAL/bonoboui/whatever toolbars just need to be terminated."

I may have understand this wrong and assumed that he said the other Toolbars are being removed completely. As in cleaning up the code and get rid of old stuff and trying to convince people to use the correct functions. Terminating is something differently than replacing with wrappers.

> The pixel-perfect stuff is largely insignificant and easy to fix,
> so I suggest you either lodge bugs or send patches.

Be my guest here and do the first step.

> Sorry, but you've made a big deal over very little,

This once again calls for good source of information and documentation.

- Ali Akcaagac

'Looking forward to a beautiful GNOME 2.4'
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