Re: Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

<quote who="aliakc web de">

> Sorry, this is something that I did not know. How should I without docs,
> without informations, without anything.

By asking nicely. This is early development stuff, so it makes sense that
there's little documentation about it beyond what's going on in libegg and
the minds of the maintainers.

> I may have understand this wrong and assumed that he said the other
> Toolbars are being removed completely. As in cleaning up the code and get
> rid of old stuff and trying to convince people to use the correct
> functions. Terminating is something differently than replacing with
> wrappers.

We have an API/ABI responsibility which has been discussed many times
before. The other implementations will eventually die off, but we have to
keep their interfaces around for quite some time.

> > The pixel-perfect stuff is largely insignificant and easy to fix,
> > so I suggest you either lodge bugs or send patches.
> Be my guest here and do the first step.

Ah, dude, *you* wrote the screed. If *you* think it's important, go and do
the appropriate thing. Don't hand off your work to other people.

- Jeff

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