Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

<quote who="aliakc web de">

> Sorry for replying to you in private since I'm not subscribed to the ML
> anymore.

Well, you've managed to post to the mailing list anyway.

> I have read your reply to Christian and I wonder about your answer which
> doesn't sound really wise. Did you write him this type of answer because I
> 'Ali Akcaagac' made this ui review or are you replying to him because you
> don't see the underlaying problem of the situation ?

I replied in this way because the review makes a lot of noise about problems
that are either being solved, or very small issues that are not critical
usability issues at all.

> The Toolbar issues is not just an Esthetical aspect. We are talking about
> CODE here. A lot of sourcecode to summarize it up because people are using
> various ways of coding their applications. As Havoc Pennington correctly
> replied in the initial thread the BonoboWindow Toolbar and the GnomeUI
> Toolbar are being REMOVED and replaced with the LibEGG Toolbar. Can you
> imagine how much code it requires to change all applications existing (not
> the 80 modules inside the cvs repository which you download and compile
> each day). There are hundrets of GNOME applications being written these
> days which all of them inherit different code (even broken ones).

Anders has done the work to make sure EggMenu/EggToolbar has an API/ABI
compatible wrapper. Our only issues remain with libbonoboui, but that's
mostly because no one's really looked into it -> no one has worked out if it
will be a pain to wrap the new API, etc.

So, no code changes will be required for applications using the old API/ABI.
That's what we've guaranteed with the 2.x platform releases (both GTK+ and
GNOME), and we'll be sticking with it.

This was the only substantial point in your screed, and it is being
addressed. The pixel-perfect stuff is largely insignificant and easy to fix,
so I suggest you either lodge bugs or send patches.

Sorry, but you've made a big deal over very little,

- Jeff

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