Re: 2.4 features to consider

> -Panel: move preferences into a top level menu. fix the applications
> menu context menu. Applets should inherit background from panel. Should
> only be one or two types of panel. Add a help menu. etc....

Merging of panels should definitely be done and should be quite simple,
really. Here's what we have now:

	* Corner panel
	* Edge panel
	* Floating panel
	* Sliding panel
	* Menu panel

The first 4 can be combined into one, dunno what to call it. Basically
this panel is a floating panel. When you move it close to any desktop
edge (say 8 pixels or something), it snaps to the edge. While snapped on
an edge, if you move it close to a corner or the middle, it snaps again.
(This covers the floating, sliding, and corner panel). There is an extra
checkbutton in the properties, greyed out unless the panel is snapped to
an edge:

	[ ] Grows to fill a desktop edge

(Could use some revision in the wording). Enabling it achieves an edge
panel. The "position" part of the panel properties can now be removed or
kept, depending if people think it is still useful.

What'dya think? I should probably bugzilla this.


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