Re: 2.4 features to consider


On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 09:29, Loban A Rahman wrote:
> > -Panel: move preferences into a top level menu. fix the applications
> > menu context menu. Applets should inherit background from panel. Should
> > only be one or two types of panel. Add a help menu. etc....
> Merging of panels should definitely be done and should be quite simple,
> really. 

	No, not simple ... not given the existing code ...

> Here's what we have now:
> 	* Corner panel
> 	* Edge panel
> 	* Floating panel
> 	* Sliding panel
> 	* Menu panel
> The first 4 can be combined into one, dunno what to call it. Basically
> this panel is a floating panel. When you move it close to any desktop
> edge (say 8 pixels or something), it snaps to the edge. While snapped on
> an edge, if you move it close to a corner or the middle, it snaps again.
> (This covers the floating, sliding, and corner panel). There is an extra
> checkbutton in the properties, greyed out unless the panel is snapped to
> an edge:
> 	[ ] Grows to fill a desktop edge
> (Could use some revision in the wording). Enabling it achieves an edge
> panel. The "position" part of the panel properties can now be removed or
> kept, depending if people think it is still useful.
> What'dya think? I should probably bugzilla this.

	Its all more or less done on the "new-toplevel" branch of gnome-panel,
but it needs a fair bit more work before its finished.

Good Luck,

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