Re: Discussion: Network Status and Profiles

<quote who="Frank Belew">

> * User takes laptop home, and needs to disable the proxy from work
> * User has dialup access, but hangs up, doesn't want apps to incessantly
> try and reconnect
> * User goes on a business trip, and needs specialized settings for
> conference.
> * User goes to friends house with wavelan, and wants all his network apps
> to reconnect. (irc, IM, imap, etc)

Another interesting example is changing the smtp host based on your network
profile. We'd need desktop-level integration of email configuration info to
do something clever like that.

- Jeff (user model objects ahoy!)

   "The plural of lego is legouch, from when you tread on those plural on   
                  the floor in bare feet." - Telsa Gwynne                   

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