Re: Call for 2.2 Screenshots

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 20:43, Seth Nickell wrote:

> I agree that the details dialouge isn't very coherent. I think that
> whole section needs to be redone (starting with the name "Details").
> Though... even in the case of the existing details dialogue I'm not
> clear that we're actually calling the sub-themes "themes" (unless you
> infer that from "install theme" button).

I infer it from that, and the "you can also install new themes by..."
blurb at the bottom of each tab that nobody reads and the docs team keep
asking us to remove :)  

Worse than that, probably, is just that there's an identical "Install
Theme..." button  on the top level window which, of course, does
something quite different from the three "Install Theme..." buttons in
the Details dialog.  But hey, we're getting there...


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