release-team meeting minutes 2003-01-29

Murray Cumming
murray usa net
Minutes for GNOME release team meeting 2003-01-22

Present:                        Apologies:

Murray Cumming (Minutes)	Mikael Hallendal
Frederic Crozat                 Mark McLoughlin - difficult timezone
Glynn Foster 
Jody Goldberg					
Luis Villa
Jeff Waugh (Chairing)

This week's special guest stars:
Tim Ney
Leslie Proctor                                     


  DONE: Jody to ping Tim and Leslie about release team meetings.
  => They are in the meeting.
  DONE: Murray to identify status of blocking gstreamer/gnome-media/nautilus
  -media combo
  => They were released.

  DONE: Murray to send list of release notes tasks for release-team members
  to claim. (Murray will take the new modules, Jody will take the control
  => Sent. Some have been claimed and we have some text already.

  PENDING: Jeff to create check-list of "things to do before major
  release" and maintain it so it's ready for 2.2.0.
  => Glynn posted initial list to the release team. We are gradually
  doing stuff.

  PENDING: Jeff to ensure clear directions for Xft2 are in GNOME 2.1.x
  release notes.
  => No change. Will be in final release notes.

  PENDING: Jeff to try changing install-module to get/enforce entries in
  NEWS files.
  => It's currently sending him ChangeLog entries privately, as a test.

  PENDING: Jeff to send an "description of ideal release process" email to 
  the lists.  
  => No change. Maybe later, after 2.2.0

  PENDING: Murray to get status of API docs.
  => No change.

  PENDING: Jody to check that gnome-control-center doesn't break with 
  non-existance of FAM
  => Jody is testing a patch. He doesn't think it's going to be a release

  NEW: Luis to talk to Andrew about possible release-team membership.

  NEW: Murray to ask John Fleck to Docbook-ize our release notes.

  NEW: Murray to send request for general screenshots.

Decisions and discussion:

  * Release Notes

  We have responses from maintainers about descriptions of user-visible 
  changes. And Glynn has written some up properly.

  We need some new functionality screenshots - mentioned on the list. We would 
  also like some general, less standardized, screenshots. Murray will call for 

  We should write text first and then DocBookize it - Murray will ask John 
  Fleck to do that for us. We should try to have the text finished by Friday.

  * Press Release

  Talked with Tim and Leslie. They think the emphasis will be on user-visible 
  changes compared to 2.0 which mainly introduced a new development platform, 
  making those changes possible. Also, general maturity of the release process,
  and cooperation with corporations. Maybe mention the use of the HIG. GNOME
  2.2 should be in all major distributions "this spring".

  * Bugs

  Andrew had sent another set of bug lists. Very useful.

  We discussed the theme control panel crash/exit with sawfish bug:
  and decided that it's not a problem on most systems.

  * GStreamer

  There is some concern over the last-minute changes being made to gstreamer, 
  and some concern about the future. But they seem to have control of it now
  and things look good for the future. It is in Desktop rather than 
  Platform because we expected some of these difficulties.

  * Post-2.2 Release Team

  Discussed possible changes in the release team - Luis might be too busy.

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