bug-buddy branched

	I've just branched bug-buddy. Stable version is under gnome-2-2
branch, and HEAD will be used for the new 2.3.x development series.

	Here are the possible features for 2.3.x series (from the TODO

 *  Support other BTS's (via plugins?) (ie, kde, debian, redhat, and 

 * Skip mostfreq bugs page if there are no bugs related to this product

 * Change first step:

       - If bug-buddy ran from sisegv --> Debbug screen; describe bug
       - If bug-buddy was invoked alone --> (Welcome? / Kind of bug?);
         Select application; describe bug

 * Re-organize some code

 * Report a bug from inside the application (like monkeytalk patch from

 * Add "kind of bug" first step --> Use different templates for 
   differents kinds

 * Add keywords and set severity based on kind of bug.

 * Get info about distribution (/etc/redhat-release and so...)

 * Submit bug via plugins and specifically for gnome, directly in xml
   via http post

 * (Check if the email is a valid bugziila account?)

 * Is the user saved a bug report... prompt for submiting it on the next

Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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