Gnome-Media 2.3 features

I've not thought too much about this but:

* Base GnomeCD on GStreamer's cdparanoia cdda stuff
  (Whether we need to remove the machine specific
   stuff I've not thought about yet - but default at
   least would be to use CDDA)
* Make ALSA 0.9 work in the Mixer - maybe finish up
  Seth's mixer rewrite?
* Allow you to hide cards in the mixer UI
* Make the mixer sliders respond to other applications
  changing the volume.
* Maybe move the mixer and CD player applets into 
  gnome-media and have them share code?
* Work out what to do with VUMeter - Ditch it?
* Make the GStreamer capplet follow HIG guidelines
* Make everything follow HIG guidelines.

busy iain

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