Zenity 1.0 " The obstacle is the path "

Zenity is a basic rewrite of gdialog, without the pain involved of
trying to figure out commandline parsing. Zenity is zen-like; simple and
easy to use.

Zenity is especially useful in scripts.

Zen Requirements -
popt, scrollkeeper and intltool.
gtk+-2.0, libglade-2.0, gconf-2.0 and libgnomecanvas-2.0.

Zen Dialogs -
Calendar, Text Entry, Error, Informational, File Selection, List,
Progress, Question, Text Information and Warning.

See 'zenity --about' and Help for more details of how to use Zenity.

Zen Thanks -
        * Mike Newman and John Fleck for their direct help.
        * Jonathan Blanford, Anders Carlsson, James Henstridge, 
          Havoc Pennington, Kristian Rietveld, Jakub Steiner and 
          Tom Tromey for their indirect help.

Zen Translations -
        * Vincent van Adrighem, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Abel Cheung, 
          Ole Laursen, Kjartan Maraas, Christian Rose and Pablo 
          Saratxaga for their wonderful translations.

			Live life to the Zen.

					Glynn ;)

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