Re: Call for 2.2 Screenshots

Here are my two:
Notice the tasklist which pops up on mouse over and gets out of the way
when not needed.  I use the great gnome key bindings and rollup windows
so I hardly have a use for the tasklist anymore. Also notice Gaim is
themed a bit different.  I am running it off my server for no other
reason then I have been too lazy to get it from CVS and build it on my
Here I am using Anjuta2 and Glade to program GObject Factory which I
work on when I get the chance, which is very little recently.


On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 07:00, Murray Cumming wrote:
> For the GNOME 2.2.0 release announcement, as well as having
> functionality-specific screenshots such as the stuff here
> we'd like to show people the usual collection of impressive, pretty, and
> ocassionally wacky full desktop screenshots. So please reply with URLs
> of your GNOME 2.2 screenshots before February 5th. Please don't use
> backgrounds that we are likely to get complaints about.
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