Re: Question about Widgets in X window

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 06:00, Loban A Rahman wrote:
> > Do you think I can implement this under different desktop
> > enviroments(KDE,GNOME)with Xlib programming? Or it's toally
> > impossible?
> Firstly, this is the wrong list for this kind of question. Secondly, any
> Gtk/Gnome/KDE/Qt app will run under any Gnome/KDE/X environment, as long
> as the associated libraries are available (almost always true).

First may I say that your answer was very unhelpful to this developer
who is most likely new to Gtk/Gnome development.  Yes this is the wrong
list, which is understandable because the name is ambiguious.  May I
suggest gtk-app-devel-list.  May I also suggest though
their mailing list may also be focused on development of only new

Secondly, the question was not will a program written in Gtk work in
KDE.  The question was how does this developer get the text in buttons
outside of his/hir own program.  In Gnome 2.0 I belive this can be done
with the ATK (accessability) layer though this is not portable to other
toolkits to the best of my knowledge.  I also remeber an X program that
would map out the widget hierarchy of any window you cliked on.  I can't
remeber the name.  You might want to ask in an Xlib list.

Anyway, I would request that you continue your search on the appropriate
lists and if you so wish, e-mail me directly though I don't know what
help I can be beyond what I have already given you.  Good luck on the


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