gnopernicus string freeze breakage

There has been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the gnopernicus
HEAD branch:

This seems to be the commit in srcore/srmain.c that caused the
unannounced string change:

1.98 <adascal> 2003-08-08 09:33
2003-08-08 Adi Dascal <ad baum ro>

* braille/libbrl/ttybrl.c:
Call of brlapi_getTty has now the first parameter 0 (not 7),
so the function will inspect the value of CONTROLVT, environment
variable. Please see instructions on BRLTTY and gnopernicus

* speech/test/srsml.xml:
Updated the SML test file with UTF8 texts (french and spanish).

* speech/test/tester.c:

* srcore/srmain.c:
Updated the exit-message of gnopernicus.

* srcore/srspc.c:
Corrected the call of srs_xml_output : instead of the length of the
UTF8 string, the size of the string is required. This fixes the
warning messages that appeared in case of UTF8 strings (german), about
diffrent tags expected, opening and ending tag mismaches.


Updated. Added information about the link that describes usage of
gnopenricus in conjunction with BRLTTY.

Changed package version number to 0.3.5.

This is the change:

Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
frozen times is very important. The string freeze has only recently
started, but we (gnome-i18n gnome org) and the release team
(release-team gnome org) still need to know about, and approve, proposed
changes and additions in internationalized strings, as outlined in


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