Re: galculator should be included in Gnome

> Good luck with this when you take it to your HCI person. calctool and
> sdtcalctool (gcalctool predecessors) have had a *lot* of HCI input and
> usability testing, and this functionality did not go well with them.
> Also you should consider comparing against the software calculator that
> probably most of the world is using - the one that comes with Windows.
> I just tried 1+2*3 there and it gives 9.

as did old calculators.  All modern day hand calculators use algebraic
When that feature came in, it was 'the reason' for schools to change their
recommended calculator of choice where I lived.  Any calculator which doesnt
support algebraic ordering, is just about useless for those grown used to a
decent calculator.  On the other hand, as a person who went through school
in the transition period, the algebraic ordering method is so natural that
its easily learnt and you dont want to go back.
I dont know anyone who likes the fact that the windows calculator is stuck
in ancient history.
(poor statistics here ofcourse - just a point of view for consideration)

(and i noticed in another email that neither one fully supports the
algebraic ordering, partial support is worse then none, in my random person


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