Re: bookmark management and other code reuse

On Mi, 2003-04-23 at 23:34, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> another. This is mainly due to issues of ui. Speaking on behalf of epiphany, 
> we have spent a substantial amount of time redesigning our bookmark system 
> to be more database like as oppose to folder (file system) like ala galeon, 
> and we are very happy with the result in terms of usability
excellent then! I don't care what project code to use. Pick the best now
( usability and functionality, gnome compliance ) and convince the rest
to switch. There is already a lot of work to do besides re-inventing the
wheel when it doesn't bring new concepts ( like ephiphany's bookmarks
brought over galeon's, so starting another bookmark management system
was right ).

> Of course if 
> other core gnome projects were interested in using the epiphany bm approach 
> in their project i'm sure we could work on it. 
Brian? Mikael?

Marius Andreiana
SoluĊ£ii informatice bazate pe Linux / Linux-based IT solutions

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