Re: New to Gnome - What does one use ?

Le lun 14/04/2003 à 05:40, Peter Moscatt a écrit :
> G'Day to all.....  I have just come across to RH9 where I was previously
> used KDE and the KDEDeveloper as my programming enviroment.
> With RH I have decided to give something else a go and chose Gnome as my
> platform.
> What does everyone use to develop in Gnome, preferably with a GUI
> interface.
> Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask such a question.


To create GTK2 apps, I use glade2 to build the interface and Emacs to
edit the source code. Glade2 is VERY simple to use but Emacs can be
quite confusing (but it's a very powerful source code editor). Another
source code editor I use from time to time is "jEdit"

By the way, you can still use kdevelop even in GNOME as I seem to
remember that kdevelop has a GTK/GNOME project wizard.

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