Re: GNOME Development Series Addition

On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 06:11:09PM +0100, Ross Burton wrote: 
> R&R is wonderful, but mainly for games (although UT2003 manages to
> resize the screen automaticaly without R&R) and people using tablet PCs
> (using the flipping/rotate feature).  I don't see Joe User resizing
> their desktop often enough to justify a very prominent control
> panel.

In terms of "designing from both sides of the screen," we might expect
changing resolution to be an "Occasional by Many" task - most people
will want to initially set it up, or occasionally change it (say for a
projector screen), but they will not change it frequently.

So that implies that the feature should be moderately easy to find,
but it's OK if it takes a few extra mouse clicks or keypresses to
actually perform the task. A control panel seems about right for this.

You can imagine web developers or some other special case where the
task was "Frequent by Few" - i.e. a few people change their resolution
all the time - which would encourage a fewer-clicks UI for it. Having
an applet seems like at least a reasonable solution to that, since
it's not there in the default UI but if you add it, suddenly the UI
for the task becomes much more readily available.


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