Re: Little report about new panel properties

Hi Luca,

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 22:31, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> I play a bit with the new (2.3) gnome-panel: absolutely cool!
> No more menu panel, finally!
> But there are some small annoying stuff, related to the "Panel
> Properties" dialog:
>         * adjust spacings (see HIG)
>         * add "pixels" near size_spin (see HIG)
>         * use bold in labels, as well as other properties dialogs?
>         * transparency is a sub-option of "Solid Color" (BTW
>           s/Color/color), so the slider should be under color selector
> Attached .glade file _should_ fix all

	Thanks much for your fixes. I've committed them. I'm not sure about
some of the changes (like making the labels bold), but on the whole the
dialog does look a lot better now and we can fix any lingering issues

> And now a little feature request
> 1) what about not full expand? Something like "Expand 60% of available
> space", I mean.

	Hmm, why is this useful ?

> 2) Round corners for not fully expanded panels?

	There's a bug somewhere in bugzilla about adding rounded corners. Its
not on high on my TODO list, though ... one issue to consider is how
will the grab handles look when you do rounded corners ?

Good Luck,

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