Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Monday 07 April 2003 01:21, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> This is the most foolish thing I've from you yet.  Aside from the fact
> that pkg-config is *not* GNOME specific (I use it in all my projects,
> none of which are GNOME software, or even depend on glib), it's frickin
> useful piece of technology that *all* software should use.  It solves a
> problem at the OS level, does so very well, and exists for the sake of
> making software building and installation far easier.  XFree86 becomes
> more usable (software building wise) for *all* software, be it GNOME,
> KDE, something Motif based, whatever, while those who wish to not use
> are in no way forced to - they can continue using black-magic flags to
> ./configure and setting environment variables to do their basic software
> building.

You asked for it and you got an answer, so where is the point ? Personally I 
think that pkgconfig adds another level of complexity to the to be build 
software. The old *-config files did the trick very well but NO, something 
new has to be created just for the sake going for new ways. All these evil 
things has been invented by people working on GNOME. Instead getting the 
desktop up to some usable state you people trying hard to convince other 
projects to adapt your stuff.

Anyways I again wonder where we stepped again with this conversation. I always 
wonder why this is happening on the GNOME lists and on no other list. 
Seriously the GNOME people are the most hard to deal with people. We simply 
have to different opinions and we should still respect each other without 
getting on a low level of conversation.

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