Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 19:06, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> > I just downloaded the source to openssl and could find no GNOME stuff
> > being used there.  What GNOME material did you find?  Same goes for
> > libpng.
> I'm refering to the pkgconfig stuff that someone has forced them to include. I 
> kindly like to have that one removed in it's core source package so that I 
> and other people get the feeling to use something Desktop independant again. 
> Same for the entire pkgconfig crap inside XFree86.

This is the most foolish thing I've from you yet.  Aside from the fact
that pkg-config is *not* GNOME specific (I use it in all my projects,
none of which are GNOME software, or even depend on glib), it's frickin
useful piece of technology that *all* software should use.  It solves a
problem at the OS level, does so very well, and exists for the sake of
making software building and installation far easier.  XFree86 becomes
more usable (software building wise) for *all* software, be it GNOME,
KDE, something Motif based, whatever, while those who wish to not use
are in no way forced to - they can continue using black-magic flags to
./configure and setting environment variables to do their basic software

What next, is libc taboo because GNOME uses it?  Ya, we should strip
that out of the system.  GNOME depends on it, it's *evil*.  Oh, no,
XFree86 has fontconfig!  It makes using fonts really really easy.  But
GNOME uses it... better not install it, we wouldn't want KDE to be able
to use that technology!  Heaven forbid, it might actually be useful.

> > James
> Ali
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