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You know about the basics of networking I assume, you know that you are able to set up various servers such as telnet, sentmail, ftp, pop3 and so on, same for SQL that you can access over net. So SQL as KIOslave is quite logical for me it only fills a gap and I can easily and query my Universities database.

No man, you're wrong. SQL is a query language. It's not a protocol. HTTP is, on the other hand, a protocol. And the idea of protocol IO slaves is to implement *protocols* to transfer data streams in remote filesystems. You're stretching the technology?

Can I get a directory listing of sql:///?  Can I copy a file there? It
looks like accessing sql:/// is just a way of starting the program,
which returns its data as a web page.

Can you get a directory listning with telnet://





? can you copy files to telnet://

w/o any protocols such as kermit, z, y, hydra ?

This thinking has to stop, as it is *very* user-unfriendly.

Luckely I'm *brainy* enough to decide on my own wether it's user-unfriendly or not and I was really happy *footkissing* to that guy for creating that KIOslaves because I exactly needed that tool exactly that day.

What about phpMyAdmin?

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