Re: Killing views [Was: Dealing with files in Gnome]

On Wed, 2003-04-02 at 16:23, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> > I wasn't asking if a graphical SQL query editor is a good idea, but if
> > the concept of sql:/// is a good idea.
> You know about the basics of networking I assume, you know that you are able 
> to set up various servers such as telnet, sentmail, ftp, pop3 and so on, same 
> for SQL that you can access over net. So SQL as KIOslave is quite logical for 
> me it only fills a gap and I can easily and query my Universities database.

Yes, I know. We run a SQL server here.  Access to remote SQL servers is
very logical, I don't fancy walking up to our server just because I want
to create a database.

However, sql:/// isn't the only way of implementing remote SQL access.
Make it a stand-alone program, and add a dialog box with a Host text
field and a Connect button, for example.

URI abuse doesn't solve network issues. Which reminds me, all of the
Konq screenshots I see have malformed URIs, without the triple slash for
local files.

> > Can I get a directory listing of sql:///?  Can I copy a file there? It
> > looks like accessing sql:/// is just a way of starting the program,
> > which returns its data as a web page.
> Can you get a directory listning with telnet:// application:// fonts:// ? can 
> you copy files to telnet:// w/o any protocols such as kermit, z, y, hydra ?

telnet:/// is also crack. I'm not entirely sure what it does. Does it
give you access to the remote file system a la sftp:///?

The GNOME panel menu is the directory listing of applications:///. It is
read/write, as you will see from going there in Nautilus.  And viewing
fonts:/// in Nautilus gives you a directory listing, yes. That isn't
some magic "fonts view", but the normal directory view, with normal
Nautilus thumbnailers.

> > This thinking has to stop, as it is *very* user-unfriendly.
> Luckely I'm *brainy* enough to decide on my own wether it's user-unfriendly or 
> not and I was really happy *footkissing* to that guy for creating that 
> KIOslaves because I exactly needed that tool exactly that day.

Let's not start a slagging match today.

A graphical SQL query manager is a great idea, yes. I loved the
Query-By-Example (?) interface in Access for queries. I agree with that
totally.. but what as an KIOSlave? What does it give you?  Do other
applications use it?

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